Return to Source – Meditation & Yoga Retreat : du 5 au 12 décembre 2021

Retraite animée par Tapashi Devchoudhoury.

During this retreat, we explore subtler realms of consciousness through meditative movement, mantras and subtle yogic practices to develop a deeper connection with one’s intuitive self-healing mechanism. Deep emotional traumas stored in the body manifest as behavioral patterns and/or physical ailments and are released through powerful healing techniques during the retreat, tapping into one’s innate ability to heal from deep within.

The two practice sessions each day are of meditative and fluid movements that move and cultivate the energy in the body called Prana or Chi. The movement is complemented by breathwork, sharing circles, workshops, mantra chanting and powerful tools for meditation and self-healing. If you are looking for a spiritual practice that goes beyond physical postures, this might be for you.

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