Yoga & Breathwork weekend retreat

Yoga & Breathwork weekend retreat

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Stage animé par Selin Leuch & Anita Jetzer.

In this Yoga & Breathwork Retreat you will not only embark on an outer journey, but also on an inner one. A journey to your essence. With a lot of silence you create space for self-reflection and relaxation. We pick you up exactly where you are and give you the opportunity to start into spring full of inspiration and fresh energy.

We start the day with an extended yoga practice including meditation and pranayama. Afterwards we will have a delicious brunch. In the afternoon you will have plenty of free time to unwind or join us for forest bathing in the nearby forest. In the evening you will be guided through either a connected breathing class or a yoga nidra and afterwards you will enjoy a delicious as well as nourishing dinner.

This retreat is led by Selin Leuch (Yoga Teacher, Life Coach & Outdoor Guide) and Anita Jetzer (Breathwork Coach, Yoga Teacher & Health Coach)

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Date et heure

ven 10 mars 2023

dim 12 mars 2023


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