Sublime Yoga Retreat: the 4 sublime Attitudes

Sublime Yoga Retreat: the 4 sublime Attitudes

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Stage animé par Victoria Saporta.

The Theme

The 4 sublime Attitudes

If you have come to any of my retreats before, you know that I love to theme my retreats on a topic of Yogic Philosophy.

Yogic Philosophy is a constant source of growth, inspiration and relief in my life and it is my deepest joy to share what I have learned over the years.

This year, the theme is: The 4 Sublime Attitudes – or


Yogic Philosophy instructs us to embody the 4 Sublime Attitudes of Kindness, Compassion, Empathetic Joy and Equanimity as a way to reach self-realization and live a full life with a full heart.

On the SUBLIME Yoga Retreat, we will explore The 4 Sublime Attitudes through our discussions, meditations, and yoga practices. These ideas will infuse our time together as we dive into what they mean and how to apply them in our modern life.

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Date et heure

ven 08 décembre 2023 à
dim 10 décembre 2023

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