Mindfulness New Year’s Women Retreat

Mindfulness New Year’s Women Retreat

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Stage animé par Selin Leuch.

REFLECT & REJOICE – New Year’s Women Retreat
Mindfully end 22 by reflecting on your learnings, challenges and break-throughs of the last 12 months. Release what still wants to be released and process old emotions to create space to consciously step into a new year. Prepare your body, soul & mind for the adventures ahead and gain clarity and what is really important to you in this new year.
We will spend these 5 days in a safe space among 9 women practicing yoga, breathing exercises and celebrating rituals & chanting circles together. We will get inspired by nature and empower each other on our individual life journeys. Join in on this beautiful end-of-year mindfulness journey!


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Date et heure

ven 30 décembre 2022

mar 03 janvier 2023


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